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Camila and Isabel in Acllahuasi workshop Acllahuasi workshop

The origine of our name…

In the quechua spoken by the Inkas, Acllahasi means “The house of the chosen women” and was the name of the quarters in the most important cities of the empire, that housed the mamaconas and acllas, women chosen by the State.

These women carried out important activities for the State like spinning, weave, cook and the preparatoin of the chicha for the divinities, the Inka, and the elites. They were avid weavers whose hands gave birth to the finest and most elaborate textiles in the Tawantinsuyu.

Because of its valuable significance, we have named Acllahuasi the Sociedad Martínez y Moraga Limitada, conformed by Camila Moraga and Isabel Martínez.

About us

Camila Moraga

I am a designer graduated from the Univerisdad de Valparaiso in Chile. My interest in pre-Hispanic textile art lead me to do an internship and later work as consultant at the Conservation Laboratory of the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombio.

Later, during a second internship at ASUR (Fundación de Antropólogos del Surandino) in Sucre, Bolivia, I was able to experiment with jewelry that combined silver and textile materials and techniques typical of the area. I based my theses project “Asesoría de Diseño para colección de joyería de la comunidad de Caltapi, Bolivia” on this experience, which helped me understand the importance of developing design from a Latin-American identity and appreciate the art left by our ancestors.

Isabel Martínez

I decided to study archeology in the Universidad de San Antonio Abad in Cusco, Perú, due to my profound interest in the pre-Hispanic cultures of the Andes. I discovered the pre-Columbian textiles while studying and I became more and more passionate about this millenary art. I specialized in Andean pre-Columbian textile techniques and iconography and I have applied this knowledge in research, conservation and restoration of this type of textiles.

From this work is born my conviction on the potential textiles have as transmitters of ideas and knowledge. From 2005 to 2008 I worked at the Centro de Arte Textil Pawllu and in the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino in different textile collections.

Our story

We met in 2006 when we worked in the preparation of the exhibit “Gorros del Desierto” in the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino. From this moment the idea of giving textile art continuity began to take shape. This is how in 2007 we decided to come together to elaborate a project that contemplates the design and confection of Textile Objects based on research and the rescue of pre-Hispanic Andean textile techniques and iconography.

Based on our professions and experience, we were able to create, in a first phase, unique textile jewelry manufactured with a pre-Columbian textile technique known as cross-knit looping. The designs and colors used were inspired by pre-Columbian motifs and we used silver finishes.

These were Fine and Exclusive Design Objects that intended to give continuity to the beauty and knowledge of this ancestral art, expressing in them its potential applicable to contemporary society.

Due to the originality of our products and it economic potential in the national and international market, we created a Limited Partnership. In this way we want to constitute ourselves as a national and international referent in the Contemporary High Quality and Exclusive Textile Design and as propellers of the aesthetic potential of Pre-Columbian Art and its application as everyday life objects.

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Acllahuasi en tallerAcllahuasi en taller