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November 2011: Acllahuasi wins the Capital Semilla from CORFO

In November 2011 we won the second phase of the Capital Semilla, a grant for new businesses given by Innova Chile-CORFO. This grant is to position and promote our brand in the national and international markets, as a company that identifies as an innovator, contemporary and of exclusive designs, based on pre-millenary Columbian techniques

November 2009: 1st place in CREA, our work is rewarded

In November 2.009 we won the First Place with the Jewerly Set Wari Motifs and were also select with the Alpaca Scarf-Necklace, as one the 100 best products in the first National Contest of Handcrafts and Design – CREA , organized by

2008: The first sales

(Español) In 2.008 we exhibited and sold our first jewels in the store Design for Valparaíso of the designer Pitti Palacios

March 2007: Beginnings of Acllahuasi

In March 2.007 we met again in Santiago after several months without seeing each other, to design and make jewelry with the pre-Columbian cross-knit looping textile technique and we chose the name Acllahuasi